First and foremost let me say, all things that are good and wonderful come from God. I am in awe of Him and the miracles He performs and today we get to be the recipients of His amazing works. In the book of Mark we are taught how the Pharisees and others watched Jesus perform miracles and they still wouldn't believe that he was the Messiah. They denied him his honor even when they had concrete proof right in front of their faces. They persecuted him and criticized his every move. However, that didn't stop Him from continuing his ministry. He kept performing miracles for those who believed and trusted in Him to reward their faith. He knew what that would do though, it would cost Him his life but he fulfilled God's plan anyway so that you and I could live and have everlasting life.

Now behold one of Jesus' miracles in modern day... Today I went to an appointment with my perinatal doctor. The purpose of this appointment was to get pictures for our Riley appointment with our cleft team on the 28th. I can happily say that we are able to cancel that appointment because our son's diagnoses as having a cleft has been retracted. Yes, our son has a misdiagnosed cleft palate and lip and he no longer is believed to have anything on his face or his palate affected by a cleft. The whole fact that we will not have to put our 10 week baby through any surgeries or that I will be able to nurse him like I have longed to since I found out I was pregnant is shocking enough. But then you put the story into perspective and you get to see God's amazing power to change "the ruling on the field" as our pastor at Grace Community calls it. Two ultrasound techs and three highly trained doctors who thought they had it right are now shaking their heads wondering what happened. I know there are several of you thinking there has to be a medical reason why this has happened and I could give you one but I can't explain why that many trained professionals could possibly get it wrong. This is simply and truly God showing off, remember all good things come from Him and Him alone. Simply in awe.

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